SLU UG Registration

SLU UG Registration

Welcome to 2020/2021 UG Registration
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PMB 048, Kafin Hausa
(Office of the Registrar)

Registration Procedure


All students need to authenticate their studentship before starting the registration process.

Fresh Students
Fresh students need their (i) Registration Number, (ii) Jamb Number, (iii) State of Origin and (iv)Gender for authentication. After successful authentication, a username and password will be generated for them.
Returning Students
Coming soon

After successful authentication, students can use their respective username and password to login in order to start or continue with the registration process.


The registration procedure is as follows:

1) Photo Upload
Students must firs upload their recent passport size photograph.
2) Profile Update
After photo upload, students must then update their profile. Note that students are strongly advised to update their phone numbers and emails as they are used on their SLU Personalised Payment Form (SLUPPF).
3) Student Information Form (S.I.F.)
After profile update students can generate and download/print their Student Information Form (SIF).
4) SLU Personalised Payment Form (SLUPPF)

Students must generate, download and print a SLU Personalised Payment Form (SLUPPF). Registration fees are reflected on student's SLUPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform. Make sure you carefully read, understand and follow the payment procedure, as SLU will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry. NOTE THAT ALL FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AFTER PAYMENT

Female Jigawa State Students are only required to generate invoice, wait and check back for approval from the Bursary Department

5) Student Payment Receipt (S.P.R.)
After payment is validated and processed, students must generated and download/print Student Payment Receipt (SPR) in order to continue with the registration.
6) Course Registration
After printing the SPR, a student can register his/her courses. Students are strongly advised to seek the guidance of their respective level coordinators on the courses they are supposed to register with any limitations and/or restrictions.
7) Course Registration Form (C.R.F.)
After course registration students must generate and download/print the Course Registration Form (CRF). The CRF contains the details of the registered courses.
8) Finalising Registration
Is mandatory and part of the registration exercise to contact your level coordinator before starting your course registration and after for cross checking and validation of your registration. Any student that failed to do so will be liable for any mistake made during the registration.

Payment Procedure

Step 1
Make sure you have
  • Successfully authenticated your studentship
  • Login to your account
  • Update your profile
  • Generate/print your SLU Personalised Payment Form (SLUPPF). Please note that your payment form has a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) already generated for you and you do not need to generate another one. Registration fees are also reflected on student's SLUPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform.
Step 2
You can now proceed to either
  1. Pay online using your debit card on Remita's platform OR
  2. Go to the nearest bank branch to make your payment.


All enquiries should be directed to either


Dr. Nasir Faruk

Ag. Director,
Directorate of Information and Communication Technology
Sule Lamido University, Kafin Hausa
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